CleanLine 15

Working Principle

The active substance used is hydrogen peroxide, an environment friendly substance. In a complex manufacturing procedure, the active substance is stabilized and boosted with silver, thus achieving a greatly improved effectiveness against micro-organisms. The traces of silver remaining on the treated surfaces are not visible and non toxic. However, they efficiently inhibit a renewed contamination. The elemental oxygen (O2) separated by the hydrogen peroxide attacks the cell walls of the micro-organisms directly. The chemical reaction between the oxygen and the cell wall molecules will cause these to be denatured and destroyed. This effect is intensified by the silver ions which form a bond with the disulfide bridge of certain proteins of micro-organisms, thereby inactivating or precipitating these proteins.

Area of application

CleanLine 15 has been proven effective against:
Gram positive bacteria
Gram negative bacteria
Spore-forming organisms
Viruses (with and without protective coat)
A wide spectrum of protozoa


Save time – Gain confidence!
Imagine, a dry fog on all surfaces with no harmful residues.
After the disinfectant has done its work, the peroxide disintegrates into oxygen and water.
CleanLine 15 is a disinfectant suited for 3D surface disinfection and contains only:

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2): approx. 7.5 %
Silver: approx. 0.01 %