CleanCube classic

The multipurpose workhorse!

High treatment capacity of up to 700 m3 room volume supported by a larger tank. The integrated precise dosing pump guarantees a uniform concentration from the beginning until the end. Automatic disinfection parameter calculation based on set room size and chosen disinfectant concentration. The spray gun with an effective reach of up to 20 m, can be rotated 360° or removed and added to an extension tube (optional) for disinfection via a flange from outside the rooms, air conducts etc.. A remote control to on/off switch the device is included as well. Acoustic as well as visual signals warn every by passer and employee against being in the room during operation time.

Area of application

Very suitable for small and larger rooms in hotels, in healthcare facilities, food processing units and laboratories e.g. dairies hospital´s operating theatre, patient´s rooms, clinics, companies premises, hotel rooms, trains, ships, restaurants, canteens, animal farms, wellness & fitness centres, etc., as well as disinfection when using the extension tube.


  • Precise reproducibility with pump driven dosing
  • Only 32cm x 32cm x 36cm
  • Large room size up to 700 m3
  • Status visible from far with our multicolour ring light
  • Programmable stepping and timer function
  • Optional extension tube, flange and gun